Odoo - Prova 1 a tres columnes

Cooperative and conscious project

We bet on the real and local economy; common development and fair working conditions. 
We work with people who share our way of seeing the world and we collaborate with projects that defend cultural diversity and the rejection of sexist, racist and violent attitudes. 

Respect moves us: for our customers, suppliers and collaborators. 

Odoo - Prova 2 a tres columnes

Organic and vegan beers

We use organic ingredients, free of chemicals and pesticides, in order to protect the health of people and the environment. We avoid the consumption of raw materials of animal origin. We promote environmental protection actions, the use of renewable energy and recycling. 

We also respect the environment and the recovery of industrial heritage. 

Odoo - Prova 3 a tres columnes

Artisan and quality production

We follow a traditional and natural process. No additives or preservatives added. Without rushing and carefully monitoring the process with Artisan Qualification Nº 5279. Artisan product of Natural Park Font Roja, where does the water come from and gives character to our beers. 

We appreciate the trade and collaborate with the union; We are part of Associació de Cerveseres Valencianes.